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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hera at IECHE

The 3RD International Exhibition and Conference of Higher Education, Riyadh

The Sheffield Team (From Left): Muhammad- Translator, Tim Crick- Director of International Liaison, Gosia Wells- Head of International Office, Me

The 3rd International Exhibition and Conference of Higher Education held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last month was an extraordinary event with hundreds of delegates from all around the world showcasing their institutions.
For me, it was encouraging to see such a large proportion of the youth interested in higher education. It was great to see their enthusiasm and willingness to achieve. I met people who were thinking of applying, some who had already applied and also, some of our alumni. It was a pleasure talking to everyone and it was motivating to see our alumni at esteemed positions in their respective fields.
The best part of the fair however, was to meet young ladies who wanted to become engineers. It was nostalgic to see them stand in the position where I had stood in life and ask the same questions to me that used to stir in my mind once. I’ve always believed that engineering is just about being creative and using that creativity for the betterment of humankind, irrespective of gender.  Hence, associating a particular gender to the profession is unjustifiable. The ladies shared similar thoughts and I was greatly impressed with their knowledge of the field.
I had a fantastic time at the fair and I really enjoyed the company of my team from the University. I hope there are more events like this one in the future, which celebrate higher education in its true spirit regardless of borders.  
Visitors at the stand

By Hera Shams Khan

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