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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Raising The Bar - Shruti on her Placement

This is an interesting article by Shruti Vasudev, one of our bioengineering students from University of Sheffield who has managed to secure a one year placement at the National Instrument (UK).

Take a look at her profile on the IEA Blog:

I would recommend you to go take a look at the article as Shruti shares her experience at University and how she has managed to find a job in the UK as an Indian Engineering student.
Ever since my school days, I have been extremely enthusiastic about science. Biology, physics and maths excited me and generated a lot of curiosity of the unknown and I somehow wanted to incorporate them in my higher studies and eventually build a career in one of the disciplines. My grandfather, who was an archaeologist, noticed my interest and persuaded me to opt for bioengineering....

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