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Thursday, 8 May 2014

My First Year Journey

Written by: Jannah Mohd Shaffie
It is less than a month before the final first year examination takes place. This has made me realise how time flies so quickly. It seems like only yesterday, I packed my stuff, wished good bye to my family at the airport, then suddenly I’m with these whole loads other freshers registering to be University of Sheffield students. Yet there are simply too many memories captured, too many friends I’ve grown so closed with and so many activities that can mould you into someone new.

Being an international student here has made me eager to explore anything and everything. I remembered being here for the first time, I was excited to know the various activities the university was offering under the Give it a go programme. You can go on a trip to interesting places around UK, try some skills like origami-making, and try out some sports you’ve never tried before like caving and mountaineering. There was university volunteering unit as well where the opportunities for students who’d like to volunteer varied from helping elderly, to organizing events at the mall! There are just so many activities you can chose from and yes I had great time joining both of them!

Being a member of the Malaysian Society (SMSA) had gotten me active throughout the year as well. I remembered joining some Malaysia games as netball player around the UK. The games include, Sheffield Game, Nottingham Game and Manchester Game. Besides, I also joined and helped organize few SMSA events. The experience I got, be it from sport or event is just so worth it. The acquaintances I have made from Sheffield and elsewhere around UK are just so valuable. They all helped me to adapt with surrounding better and quicker. In fact, I myself was fascinated how fast I had settled in a place initially very foreign to me.

As a fresher, experiencing the “University World” is definitely something new. To be aware that my attendance were fully on my responsibility, to learn in class of 5oo people, to attend group meeting after another, to read journals and journals for my essay and dissertation, and to stay up in the IC, studying the lecture notes taught during the day, were unaccustomed routines that I myself initially found it hard to adapt with, but fortunately I managed to get through! Phew! Soon, I slowly picked up important surviving skills like, time management, efficient study techniques and how to prioritise work. For me, all the trials I had faced along the way were definitely not something to  regret, instead they should be treasured as they served as an effective training ground for me to be fluent with skills essential for my future.

As a teaser for the future bioengineering student, in class my friends and I was taught with lots of mathematic and control system formulas and applications. There was also some knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering exposed to us, including some labs sessions we had to attend. Apart from that, we were introduced to material related to bioengineering and issues in regards to it. There were also classes on medical physic, anatomy and biology which were very crucial for bioengineers to understand. They need to know how the body works before designing something to substitute it. We were also exposed to the current technologies available, latest researches, job prospect and the industries related to bioengineering.

 After months of lectures and tutorials, I treated myself by going on a vacation to other places during the break. I guess this is the best part of living overseas ! hihi :D there was one week where I went to explore London and other places around. The best attraction id been is definitely  the Harry Potter World whose story I had followed ever since I was 10! Besides, I got to go the other countries as well. During the Easter break for example, I got the chance to go to Switzerland. The striking landscape Switzerland’s nature is something I haven’t experienced anywhere before.  Travelling at the same time had taught me to be more patient, strategized and independent. At the end of every trip, there are always lessons I treasured and memories I would cherish throughout my life.

So, that is part of my journey here, and there are 3 more years to come !
I need to focus back on study now, exams are looming around the corner!
Sigh! Wish me all the best!

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