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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassadors: Vaidehi

Name: Vaidehi Tembhekar

Course: BEng Chemical Engineering

Nationality: Kenyan

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am Vaidehi Tembhekar, currently in my first year of Chemical Engineering here at the University of Sheffield.

I’ve always been international! This is because originally, I’m Indian but I’ve lived my whole life in Kenya where I went to an international school which followed the British education system. Since childhood, travelling and learning about the various cultures and languages has been something I was incredibly passionate about.

However, travelling miles away from home for university isn’t quite the same. For some people this can be an extremely daunting thought - It was for me anyway! However, from my first week of university (intro week), I felt extremely welcomed and comfortable. It made me realize that I had no reason to be nervous or worried.

Time really does fly by! I am already close to finishing my first semester here and I can confidently say that the University of Sheffield is just the perfect place for me! It has fulfilled all my expectations, starting with the quality of education and extra-curricular opportunities to social life. The endless opportunities, amiable people and beautiful atmosphere of Sheffield still have me mesmerized and have definitely made my time here memorable.

Why the University of Sheffield?

According to me, choosing a university where you want to spend the next four years is one of the most important decisions you will make in life and making a decision can be very challenging. I believe university is the place that shapes you as an individual.  After a lot of research, I chose the University of Sheffield as it had a high ranking for my course. Additionally, the university has collaborated with a large number of well-reputed multi-national companies in the Chemical Engineering department, which I believe is beneficial when it comes to finding placements and graduate jobs.

Why chemical engineering?

Watching my father excel in his efforts to curb industrial pollution, I found myself intrigued by the opportunities available to engineers, including working towards an environmentally healthy future. It started when I learnt about a horrifying fact - Every 2〫 C rise in the Earthʼs temperature increases the sea level by 1m. If the temperature rises any further, the Maldives and numerous other cities in the Europe may be underwater. The applications of chemistry in the conservation of our planet, through innovative measures is something that is really important to me. I strongly feel that a degree in chemical engineering will enable me to contribute to solutions towards this and numerous other complex problems currently faced by the world.

Teaching and study methods at the University
The teaching method at university is completely different to high school. How you are taught largely depends on your course and level of study. However, university teaches you to be a more independent learner; it’s all about the effort you put into self-study. Here, a strong emphasis is placed on teaching you to apply the information in your daily life. The seminars and tutorials usually take place in smaller groups and are a better way to interact with your lecturer and raise any questions or doubts.

Advice I would give to prospective students

Most importantly, make sure you don’t let anyone influence your choice of course. This will be something you will be studying for the next few years of your life and it is extremely important that you really love what you’re studying.

Finally, a little bit about Sheffield

Sheffield is a lovely, vibrant city and, most importantly, caters for all types of students. Living expenses here are much lower compared to all the other cities and the public transport services are extremely well managed for those of you who prefer not to walk! Sheffield is known to be the greenest city. Consequently, there are a large number of parks and gardens to visit in order to spend some time relaxing. All in all, Sheffield is a great city to be living in as a student, you will never run out of things to do or places to visit here!

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