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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Izza Rosli

Name: Izza Haziqah Rosli

Course: Systems and Control Engineering

Nationality:  Bruneian

Hello! I am Izza Haziqah Rosli, currently a second year student taking Systems and Control Engineering here at University of Sheffield. Living almost the whole of my life in Brunei Darussalam, I was really excited when I was being offered to pursue my degree abroad. I have to admit that it was pretty scary at the thought of embarking on a new journey without any family around, however Sheffield has been really welcoming since the day that I arrived here.

Why did you choose UoS?
The best university that we should choose is one that is ranked higher globally in that specific course that we are interested in. In my opinion, ACSE department in University of Sheffield offers the best research quality and this will be really helpful in developing a student’s potential in exploring new inventions. And now, since I am in my second year and nearly starting my second semester soon, I haven’t regretted my decision even once!

Teaching and study methods at Sheffield
Most of the lectures here in Sheffield do require efforts from the students in order to achieve maximum understanding for that particular module. However, there is a lot of guidance around that should be helpful – either by asking help from the lecturer or by researching for more information from the university libraries. I should hereby mention that the library (known as Information Commons) is opened 24 hours daily, which is really amazing.

Your opinion on Sheffield as a city
Sheffield is a city that offers the best of both worlds, to be honest. Known as the greenest city around Europe, various landscapes that can be found are worth visiting. Despite the amazing scenery, the city also provides a variety of amusing entertainments, ranging from shopping at Meadowhall to visiting parks. Moreover, it is a great place for students since living expenses are much lower compared to other cities and public transportation is easily available the moment you arrive in Sheffield!      

Advice to a prospective student before coming to Sheffield   
One of the things that students should always remind themselves is the purpose of them coming here. This kind of reminder is really important in making sure any kind of distractions won’t affect our studies. Time management and a good balance between study and play ensures a good student lifestyle. 

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