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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Min Qi Lee

Name: Min Qi Lee

Course: MEng Bioengineering (with a year in industry)

Nationality: Malaysian Chinese

Before I begin, let me do a brief self-introduction.

My name is Min Qi Lee. I’m currently in Year 1, doing MEng Bioengineering with a year in industry. I come from South East Asia, Malaysia. (Above Singapore, in case you don’t know where Malaysia is) I’m a Malaysian Chinese just incase if you wonder why do I have a Chinese name.

Why Bioengineering?
After graduating from high school, I made my decision to do A-levels. During A-levels, I learnt biology, chemistry, physics and math. This made me realize which subjects I’m good or weak at. I like dealing with calculations in math and physics and at the same time, I still madly in love with biology! The combination of maths, physics and biology made me choose bioengineering! The simple words, bioengineering is where engineering meets biology/medicine.

Bioengineering simply means using biology principles and engineering skills to produce a better device or technology ranging from MRI to prosthetic arms to improve people’s daily lives.

Why Sheffield?
First of all, Sheffield is the 4th largest city in UK. It is also considered the safest city in UK. The first word that came out of my mind to describe Sheffield is greenery; this is why there are a lot of parks and gardens around. It is a good place for students to catch some fresh air after a hectic exam week or to relax and chill with some friends. The living expenses in Sheffield are also lower compared to other cities. This is an advantage for an international student like me.

Where do I have my classes?
Since I’m doing Bioengineering, most of my classes are in the engineering building, which is known as the Mappin Building (on the right). However, I also have some biology module, so some of my classes will be in Arts Tower and Alfred Denny Building.

Where is the best place in the University of Sheffield?
To Study:
The best place to study is in the Information Common (IC). It is open 24/7 everyday. There are 6 floors in total. Other than borrowing books, there are scanners, photocopier machines, printers available for the students’ convenience. There is also a prayer room for Muslims in the building.

What if you are hungry while studying? There are vending machines available everywhere. There is also a café in ground floor, which opens for 24 hours as well. They serve hot food, sandwiches, hot and cold beverages.

Good news for engineering students! In September 2015, ‘The Diamond’ will be completed and available for the students. It has a similar concept to the IC and it will be the new place for engineering students to study!

Some advice to all the juniors.
No matter what course you are planning to pursue, make sure you have done all the researches about it. Discuss with your seniors, parents or counsellors and make sure it is what you want. Lastly, enjoy your university life!

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