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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Intro Week at Sheffield

By Vaidehi Tembhekar

My emotions before the first week of University

It was time... Time to pack my bags, leave the hotel and get dropped off to my University accommodation in Endcliffe Village. As my mum and I got into the taxi, my heart was racing. I was going through numerous emotions at that point – excitement, nervousness, anxiety; those were just a few of them! My mind was exploded with all sorts of questions:

Will I like my flatmates? My course? The university? Sheffield? Will I be home-sick at any point? How will I cope with all of this being so far away from family?

We finally arrived at Endcliffe and I was so relieved. The greenery and the beautiful ambiance helped calm me down. I got the chance to see my room and I was delighted that my room was fairly decent sized and quite spacious. 

The following text is to show you that you have no reason to be as nervous as I was! The first few weeks of university are a great experience! 

Intro week at Sheffield

After a long night, I headed to the Octagon Centre for the welcome talk. Seeing hundreds of confused and nervous faces like mine assured me that I was not the only one; everyone was as anxious as me.

Intro Week was a week of being bombarded with a bunch of leaflets and discounts for free dominos pizza in the SU! – Yes, that’s right, free Dominos pizza! :D The Activities and Sports fairs along with the Freshers' Fair were extremely busy occasions, offering such a great amount; from the Snowboarding Society, Women in Engineering society to the Baking society and Football.

Alongside that, everyone had the chance to take part in a huge range of activities arranged to get to know people in your department and those living around the same area as you (eg. Endcliffe/Ranmoor Village). One of my major problems that week was to choose the activities I wanted to be a part of each day - there were just way too many options! 

I realized that making new friends really wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be. This is because everyone will be on the same boat as you and looking to make friends. So, you’ll have a warm welcome from everyone – whether it’s the freshers, students that will be your seniors or even the staff.

Orientation Week and Intro week allowed a smooth transition for me to place myself in this new city far away from home. This week was certainly one of the highlights of my time at Sheffield and I would strongly recommend each of you to make the most of Intro Week.

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