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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Eldar Rahimov

Name: Eldar Rahimov

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology

About me:
My name is Eldar Rahimov and before I came to the University of Sheffield to study MEng Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Technology. I was studying in International Baccalaureate school in Azerbaijan. Although I have never studied abroad, I was studying in English for 2 years, so it was not that difficult to adapt here.

What was your favourite subject at school?
Physics. I always liked to learn the theory behind different processes and how things work. I was also good at maths at school so I wanted to study something that combines these subjects.

Why Mechanical engineering?
At school my favourite parts of physics were mechanics, thermodynamics and nuclear science and this course covers all of them. It also requires good knowledge of maths and covers Computer Aided Design and Matlab which are really useful in your future engineering career.

Why University of Sheffield?
The University of Sheffield is one of top universities in Mechanical engineering in UK, so I applied for it. My main choice was between Universities of Sheffield and Bristol. The main reason I chose the University of Sheffield is because I received a very warm welcome from staff and they helped me with all the queries I had.

Application process:
The application process through UCAS was very confusing at the beginning, so my advice is to do some research about applications and the steps before getting your unconditional offer. I felt quite stressed that I did something wrong before I got first offer. I received the offer from University of Sheffield 3 weeks after application date (applied 13th of January).

Studying here:
I’m currently in my first year of study and enjoy the course very much. The first year is not very difficult as it mainly covers material you probably already did at school, but at a higher level. As a mechanical engineer you have tutorial sessions twice a week with your personal tutor with a group of 3-4 people. It is very helpful in terms of understanding the materials you didn’t understand during the lecture. Along with theoretical modules, I had Design and Manufacturing where you had to design, test and build a final model with your teammates.

Free time:
During the first year you quite a lot of free time and the Students Union (rated number 1 in the UK) offers a great choice of societies (different sports, music, art and etc). You also have a lot of opportunities for volunteering. As I mentioned, there is a wide range of sport clubs but if you decide to not join one, you still have a lot of opportunities for commitment. For example, if you are interested in football, you can play with your departmental society, play in an intra-mural league or play as part of residence sport program if you live in university accommodation.

Sheffield is not a very big city, so you can save a lot of money by not using public transport, as everything is not far away from you. Products in the shops are also quite cheap. The city is very green and beautiful with a lot of opportunities for night life.

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