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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Felix J Mundanmany

Name : Felix J Mundanmany

Course : Aerospace engineering

Nationality: Indian

Born in Kerala (South India), childhood based in Gujarat (North India), thereafter I grew up in Botswana (Africa). It’s a brew of cultures that moulded my character but it is safe to say: “I am what I am thanks to all of that which made me:- First-year Aerospace engineering student at the University of Sheffield.”

The University of Sheffield became my first choice after a great deal of research into all the options that were open to me. The availability of Aerospace engineering with a year in the industry had already given a good place for the University of Sheffield in my priority list. But the biggest factor that struck the deal for University of Sheffield was when I was awarded the India Merit Undergraduate Scholarship. It provided me with a great opportunity to build a rewarding career with a start at the university accompanied by a scholarship.   

Aerospace engineering was my dream course that came from my love for aircrafts and moreover everything that flies. The University of Sheffield has the best environment and facilities setup for Aerospace. Ranging from research facilities for international companies such as Rolls-Royce, Boeing to the most qualified lecturers in the advanced field of Aerospace engineering. The teaching methods adopted in the university involves a great deal of interactivity between lecturers and students as well as a great deal of hand-on experience, this creates a great combination in making a world-class engineer.

Apart from life as an academic student, my life revolves around football, digital art and friends. Sheffield is a student-oriented city and that on its own creates every students experience in Sheffield a story to be told more than twice. Sheffield has everything and anything that an International student would need, as over the years the Sheffield market has also adopted in providing for all the needs of International students.
Upon completion of my degree, I look ahead into three options: going ahead to a post-graduate degree or jumping into a business management course to complement my degree or take on the world as an engineer. But with all the surplus amount of opportunities for me at the university, these options are bound to change, all I know is that the future is bright.

For all the prospective students, my advice to you is to always know your own character ,know your goals and build up to them every day. The University of Sheffield holds all that you need to build your career.

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