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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Au Hui Her

Name: Au Hui Her

Course: MEng Bioengineering

Background about myself

I am from Singapore, a really small tropical country in South East Asia, so small that it is practically a city itself. Consequently it was rather overwhelming when I first came to UK: the sheer size of this country was slightly daunting to me. However, I have always looked forward to studying overseas but my passion for travelling has been restricted due to the size of my home country, hence when the chance to study abroad presented itself to me, I immediately grabbed it.

Why The University of Sheffield?

When I was choosing which country to study in, UK was my top choice as Singapore’s education system closely mimics Britain’s, and The University of Sheffield is one of the few universities in Britain that offers bioengineering as a course. Part of the Russell Group, The University of Sheffield is known for its excellence in research, and since my course is mostly research-based, choosing The University of Sheffield was a no-brainer. Another reason why I chose The University of Sheffield is because of its cost. Sheffield is one of the cheapest city in Britain as the cost of living is 25% cheaper compared to London. Therefore the education I receive here is definitely value for money in my opinion.

Most enjoyable thing about your subject at The University of Sheffield

I find the most enjoyable thing about my course, bioengineering, at The University of Sheffield is that it is very broad. I learn a bit of everything, from control systems to electrical engineering to human anatomy, and eventually at the end I will be able to witness how all these different knowledge work together. In addition to this, we only have to decide on our specialization in the second year, which means that we get to learn more in depth about the different paths in bioengineering and make an informed choice the next year, which is very helpful for me.

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