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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Oluchi Emenike

Name: Oluchi Emenike

Department: Chemical Engineering

Course: MEng Chemical Engineering

Nationality: Nigerian

I am Oluchi Emenike and I am from Nigeria. I am currently in my second year at the University of Sheffield studying for a MEng in Chemical Engineering. I took the NCUK International Foundation Year programme in Engineering at Oxbridge Tutorial College in 2013. This was after I had successfully completed the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and Cambridge GCE O’ level in 2012.

The University of Sheffield ranks 5th in the country for Chemical Engineering in the Guardian University guide 2015 and the research facility in the Chemical and Biological department is one of the best in the country. A degree and technical knowledge from a university with such a wonderful reputation would be a step in achieving my plans of becoming a part of the team that will revolutionize my nation’s industry and also contribute to the success of the global chemical industry.

My subject provides the opportunity for a lot of group work as well as independent work. I enjoy this a lot as this helps prepare me for future work. With these, I can work effectively as an individual and also in a group to provide excellent results. It is also a platform for lots of interaction with different minds and learning different ways to tackle everyday engineering problems.

The teaching and study methods at Sheffield are one of a kind. For chemical engineering, we have normal lectures during which the lecturer teaches and provides certain information. We have to carry out a number of experiments whereby each one of them relates to topics taught by our lecturers. These experiments give a practical view of what has been taught to enhance understanding. There are also tutorial sessions which are one-to-one sessions with the lecturer during which you can obtain useful feedback. These diverse methods make learning and understanding easier.

Sheffield is a small, quiet and hilly city. In spite of this, there are a lot of activities to do in Sheffield: as a student, the Students' Union, being one of the best, provides a lot of activities, events and opportunities which make one want to remain at the University much longer. The cost of living in Sheffield is also very reasonable.

The Student Union, the Information Commons and the Diamond are why I would choose the University of Sheffield over any other university. They make a student’s life very bearable from social life, education, studying and even personal problems.

After my degree at Sheffield, I plan to get an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering or Food Safety Hygiene as I want to go into the food industry. I would also like to go on and work in the industry to become a Chartered Engineer.

To prospective students, procrastination is a student’s worst enemy and partner to failure. Avoid it! Study hard and also play as well. Enjoy every minute at the University, it is only one lifetime.

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