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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Meet our International Engineering Ambassadors: Haider Ali Janjua

Name: Haider Ali Janjua

Department: Aerospace Engineering

Course: BEng Aerospace Engineering

  • Background 
    My name is Haider Ali Janjua. I am currently in my 2nd year of BEng Aerospace Engineering.  I am from Pakistan. I like travelling and I am very interested in learning about different cultures and languages. This is my 2nd year taking French as an extra module and I plan on taking Arabic language during my 3rd year. I also like to read and want to develop my writing skills. Photography is another thing that I have great interest in and I am a part of universities’ photography society. Recently I have started learning graphic and web design and I like it a lot.
  • Why did I choose The University of Sheffield 
    Firstly, I chose Sheffield University because of its ranking for my course. It is one of the best universities in UK for Aerospace Engineering.  Another reason was that I wanted to live in a scenic place and Sheffield is not only the greenest city in UK but is also close to Peak District (a must go area for tourism). Also Sheffield has a perfect blend of a city with a small place community feel as well.

  • Most enjoyable thing about my subject at The University of Sheffield
    Aerospace Engineering is a multidisciplinary course which means that we study all the different types of Engineering. For me this is the most enjoyable thing as at one moment we are studying Heat Transfer and at another we are having soldering/circuits labs and the next moment we are watching some really cool videos about composites, metals and processing of these.  In addition to that, we have classes with different engineering students.

  • Teaching and study methods at Sheffield
    Teaching methods here are quite different from my home country. Here we are responsible for our own study and are required to study independently. There are two lectures and a tutorial (to work on the example sheets) for every module each week. Team working skills are hugely stressed upon. And I like working in groups to write reports for labs and giving presentations.
    We all have been allocated a personal tutor who is there to provide information and help us if we have any problems during the study.

  • Opinion on Sheffield as a city
    Sheffield is the 3rd largest district by population but it’s quite calm compared to my hometown which is a small place. But I like that as I have always liked peaceful places.  It is also known as the steel city of UK because of steel production. It has a very good bus, tram and rail network and cities like Manchester, Leeds are quite nearby (football lovers would be quite happy). Most of Sheffield is a green space and it has numerous parks and gardens. A strange thing is that most of the shops close at 6 pm even in summer. The best thing is the people of Sheffield; they are very friendly and helpful. Advantage for people from Pakistan is that there is a large community of Pakistanis in the city and it is easy to find Pakistani restaurants and halal food. The only thing that I haven’t gotten used to it the English weather. It rains a lot!

  • Benefits of The University of Sheffield than any other University
    Sheffield University has a very good employer satisfaction rate and one of the best universities for engineering in UK. Another big benefit is its Student’s Union which has been voted the best student union in UK numerous times. There is some event or another going on at every time of the year. And you could easily find something of your interest.

  • Advice to prospective studentsDon’t be afraid to talk to people and ask questions. Have fun, take part in different activities and there are loads of societies. But learn time management and study hard and you won’t have any problem.

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