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Friday, 20 March 2015

International Cultural Evening – ICE 2015!

By: Saylee Jangam

On March 7th2015, the International Students’ Committee organised by far the best night of the year – the International Cultural Evening. It was an evening of dance and music performances by students from all years ranging from different countries all coming together to celebrate the cultural diversity here at the University of Sheffield. Ten national societies performed and the Indian Society for which I was performing, won first place! Sri Lankan Society came in second followed by PakSoc, which placed third. All the performances had been rehearsed for weeks prior to the event so the excitement was built up amongst the participants and this definitely came across on stage as the audience too joined in by cheering them on.

The event was hosted by University graduates/Youtubers Munya and Laura (Subscribe to them if you haven’t already!) at the Sheffield City Hall and was this year, open to the general public to come watch. After weeks of preparation and dance rehearsals, it was finally time to get on stage and just dance. My experience of working in a team as part of the IndianSoc was amazing, there were nights where we would stay back and discuss costumes for hours and have impromptu dinners. Over just a month, I got to know so many more people from the IndianSoc as well as the ISC and Sri Lankan Soc. The vibe that evening was all worth the time spent rehearsing after lectures. And what’s even better is the company I’ve met along the way.
As we celebrated our victory that evening, we were randomly stopped by two people on the street who recognised us from our performance and congratulated us – hands down the best feeling ever!

ICE was a massive success this year and I eagerly look forward to the next time I can get involved! Here’s to ICE 2016 and to everyone that performed this year!

Youtube Links for the performances:

Indian Society
Sri Lankan Society
Pakistan Society

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