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Thursday, 30 April 2015

International Students' Committee AGM!

Standing for the position of Events Officer 
At the end of every academic year, AGM season approaches; societies hold their annual general meetings to elect new members into their committee for the next year. Competition can be fierce and last Thursday 23rd April was the much anticipated day of the International Students’ Committee AGM where fifteen new executive committee members were elected for the forthcoming year. Each of these new members had to prove themselves through a minute long speech and a question-answer round in front of an audience of approximately 150 people. Each committee member holds a title and will carry out certain tasks during the next year to aid in the ISC’s events and activities. Roles include the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Officer, Campaign and Inclusions Officer, Publicity Officer, Media and PR Officer and so on. Each year, the ISC aims to promote the diversity of students at the University of Sheffield through their events.

Most of the highlights of my “fresher’s experience” have been at ISC events (as you can tell from my previous blog posts of World Week and ICE) which is why I stood for the position of Events Officer at the AGM on Thursday. I’m happy to say I am elected as the one of the two Events Officers for the year 2015-16 for the ISC. I can’t wait to start working in the committee and create events that may be the highlights of someone else’s first year here (maybe some of you reading this)!

ISC’s next big event is the World Food Festival happening over two days in May. Over 12 national societies will take part in this festival, showcasing their traditional cuisines all under one roof! The festival is happening from 9th to 10th May at the Octagon Centre so make sure you don’t miss out :)

Meet your newly elected International Students' Committee for the year 2015-16!

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