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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sheffield- The City

Written by: Birju Galaiya

Hi guys, in this blog I shall give you a glimpse of what makes Sheffield a great city to live in. Over the last two years I have become accustomed to the reliable transport system, the friendly people and the buzzing city centre.

The one thing I find great about Sheffield is the blend between the city centre and the countryside- a seamless transition that allows you to experience the best of both worlds; a vibrant shopping and social area in the middle of the city and a scenic countryside scattered with many hills. In the city, there are numerous shops ranging from the top brands to smaller outlets and a massive market which caters for a diverse population. The University itself is integrated into the city and therefore giving you a chance to interact with the locals. As you move away from the centre it is evident that Sheffield is the greenest city in Britain- it offers a rich variety of open spaces including parks where I usually tend to go for a run. Few of the parks have ponds and it’s a perfect location for a picnic or even relaxing for a while especially in the summer.

If you like going out at night you won’t be disappointed. There are many affordable clubs in the city that will ensure you have a great time with your friends. From pop to hip-hop, you shall find what you are looking for and the amazing thing about it is that the clubs are walking distances away from each other! 

Getting around Sheffield is really convenient. From University, the city centre is a walking distance away. The public buses are reliable and they come in handy when you are running late for lectures having overslept! Sheffield also has a tram system known as the Supertram. Using a tram is perfect if you want to travel towards the outskirts of the city where there is a shopping centre called Meadowhall which has over 280 stores. Also, the tram takes you to the Centerainment Valley leisure park which is a great destination for bowling, laser quest, cinema, mini golf and dining. Having been there a few times, I can say its a good break away from university campus and you do have a great time.

During Halloween and Christmas period, the city centre is transformed into the respective themes. The stunning lighting facade on buildings and streets make the city lively. Many rides and activities are available for the public to experience and unique food stalls providing hot food in the cold. During Christmas, if you are not going back home you won’t have to be worried of staying alone. Many students tend to stay back and the university organises different activities which you can attend for free and make new friends. Visiting the festivities in the city centre will definitely be an experience you won’t forget.

For those who are interested in sporting activities, Sheffield is the right place for you. Every Saturday there is a free Sheffield Hallam 5km timed parkrun. For those football fans there are numerous pubs and bars all around the city while if you want a real experience you can walk down to Bramall Lane and watch Sheffield United fight it out. The stadium atmosphere is incredible regardless of the outcome of the match. One can also watch ice hockey and learn how to ice skate.

I can summarise it up by saying that Sheffield offers many fantastic opportunities for all. I love it here and so will you!

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