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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bungee Jumping at The University

By Vaidehi Tembhekar

ü Bungee Jumping 

I haven’t written a blog in ages and thought I might as well write one on one of my favourite experiences in my first year of uni! 

A few months ago, as I was walking past the student’s union, I was handed a leaflet that immediately caught my attention! BUNGEE JUMPING off a crane 175 ft high! And that too, for charity! Sheffield RAG (Raising and Giving) had organized a charity bungee jump in a beautiful location called Weston Park. Volunteering and helping the less fortunate has always been something I’ve been extremely passionate about. Adventure, thrill and personal challenge is something I strive for daily. Bungee jumping and skydiving have been on my bucket list since day one. I felt like this RAG event was made for me. And without a second thought, I went and bought tickets from the box office for this event. 

This was one of the most spontaneous moments of my life. This wasn’t anywhere close to any of the highest bungee jumps in the world, but it was a start and perfect for a beginner. 

The day had finally come! It didn’t hit me; not when they weighed me, not when they started strapping me into gear, not when they attached the bungee cord to my ankles, not until I was asked to walk into the bungee jumping platform. 

The bungee cord was heavy, I realized when I had to shuffle my feet over to the bungee platform. As the crane took me higher up above the ground, my tummy was rumbling. I was paralyzed with fear – and the cold just wasn’t helping! I was now at the same level as the arts tower (possibly one of the tallest university buildings) –I could only half hear what the man was instructing me to do, my nerves were taking over me! 

He counted down, 3-2-1 .. I didn’t jump, I couldn’t. I froze. I couldn’t tell what was happening, this was something I’ve always wanted to do, so why was I so afraid? I eliminated all the thoughts of giving up, I can do this I repeatedly convinced myself – As he counted down again, 3-2-1, I closed my eyes and threw myself off, I just let go and took my leap of faith.

As I opened my eyes, I felt on top of the world, I felt incredible, like nothing could go wrong. I felt absolutely weightless, upside down, staring at the beautiful sight all around me. 

I landed into the safety pad as I was being unstrapped. This was both the most thrilling and peaceful moments in my life. I learnt that fear shouldn’t stop me from achieving anything I want! And this experience has certainly been one of the highlights of my first year at university. 

And that was how I got bungee jumping off my bucket list! :’)

I’ve written this blog to let everyone reading this know that university is what you make of it! It can be as boring or as exciting as you make it. So remember to grab every opportunity that comes your way, overcome your fear, achieve your dreams – and that’s when you’re doing university right! :P 


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