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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Meet Our IEA Alumni: Salina Jantarang

Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Course: MEng Chemical Engineering

Nationality: Thailand

I have completed my high school education in Thailand before coming to the University of Sheffield to study chemical engineering. Entering university was an experience that has a major impact in my life. It was a huge adjustment for me as I come from an American education system. Living in England was a challenge at first as it took some time to adapt to the environment and culture. However, adjustments have been so much easier as I have met many incredible people here.
Choosing a university where you will spend the next few years of your life is a pretty difficult decision to make. However, I hope that you will consider Sheffield University as one of your choices. It was a difficult decision for me to choose where I wanted to attend university. I knew I wanted to study chemical engineering because I liked to study mathematics and chemistry in high school. In addition, the field also has many career opportunities in a wide range of industries. After doing research online and attending university fairs, I decided to apply to Sheffield University as it has a high ranking and I wanted to attend a university with high quality.
Was I scared before coming here? YES! I did not know what to expect or how the universities here are. Although I have spent a year abroad during my junior year (Grade 11) in America as an exchange student, I still had doubts about attending university in another country. However, after coming here, I realized that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Advice that I would give to students who are choosing their major now is to pick a subject that they like and consider other factors and skills needed to achieve their goals and the difficulty of finding a job in the future.
I am so glad that I have chosen and got accepted to study here. The studies here are challenging, which is a great motivation! Lecturers are informative and always willing to help. Sheffield University also has great facilities such as Information Commons, which is a library that opens 24/7. In the first few weeks, we were placed in groups and did projects together which was fun since I got to know more people. We also had to do a project with engineering students from other departments. The experience was educational and memorable as we were able to share ideas and learn from one another.
The city of Sheffield is really lovely and I feel safe living here. There are many activities to do in the city. I love to go see exhibitions at the museums whenever I have time. There are also events that are held in the city like the Christmas Market and Magical Christmas at the Botanical Garden.
I have decided to become one of the International Engineering Ambassadors because I want to meet more people and to widen my perspective. If you have any questions that I can help with, just let me know! That’s it about me.
Hope to see you in Sheffield!

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