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Monday, 24 October 2016

Meet Our IEA Alumni: Alireza Parandeh

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Course: (MEng) Mechanical Engineering With a Foundation Year

Nationality: Iranian

About me:
I'm a second year mechanical engineering student here at University Of Sheffield who is passionate about designing and inventing things that'll have a great impact on people's lives.
What was your favourite subject at school?
Maths, Physics and Computers.
How did you decide which degree course to take?
I always liked making and designing new things. Mechanical Engineering was one fo the courses that would teach me how to do this and learning the theories behind it. The special thing about this course is that I will get to see my designs turn into real machines/objects.  It also has a great job market too if you want to find a job after graduating.
Who inspired you to follow this route?
My Sister. She graduated from University Of Sheffield 5 years ago in exactly the same degree I'm currently studying and found a job before graduating. She's now working for a rail company called Interfleet Ltd and during Olympics designed a new safety system for London Underground Victoria lines in London.
What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course?
I'd suggest taking some time researching the potential courses you're interested in. Maybe talk with students who are already taking those courses and ask them about their modules.
Most of all select a course you would enjoy doing since you will do great at anything you enjoy doing in a long-term. Also, research the university and city as well. Many prospective students choose University based on the course rankings but don't take into consideration the city and its student life.
Why did you choose Sheffield?
The faculty of Engineering at University of Sheffield has been always one of the top 3 in the UK. Also, the degree is accredited by IMechE (Institue of Mechanical Engineers) which is a well known organisation among employers(Even Some of them require this). The course also provides a great amount of practical side which I found really fun and informative.For Example: Labs, Engineering Global Challenge,Applications week and "Engineering: You're hired" course.
The University also has the best students union in the country. 
Apart from University , The city is one of the best students cities in the UK in terms of being cheap, safe and green.

What is Engineering Global Challenge? or Applications Week?
During your course as an engineering student you will need to complete some short modules/course in order to advance to the next year. These are compulsory but great fun and really helpful and I really enjoyed them myself.
  • Engineering Global Challenge: In this week-long project, all first year students in the Engineering Faculty tackle real-world problems from a global perspective. I with a team of other engineering students worked on a solution to Water and Sanitary problems of a small village called Devikalum in India. Every year there will be a new project but with the same global view.
  • Applications Week: During my first year, I completed this one week course where I had to make a Vice in a workshop from Engineering Drawings. Then, Redesign it in Solidworks and workout the financial viability of its processing. One of my best experiences in the first year.
  • Engineering "You're Hired": This is the continue of Engineering Global Challenge. I will do this one week course this year where real employers from industry will give students a project on the week. I and my engineering team will then have one week to come up with a new idea or solution for the project.
Your course has a foundation year. How was your foundation year and why did you take it?
I had not completed my Pre-university year before coming to Sheffield so I had to complete a foundation year before starting my degree. It's the same as Pre-University year but with the benefits of studying the modules that is going to help me in my current degree (Maths, Physics, Chemistry) and having access to all the facilities students have (Information Commons, Libraries, Gym, etc).
What are some of your best Achievements at University of Sheffield?
  • I was part of the winning team at Sheffield Start-up Weekend organised by University of Sheffield Enterprise(USE). We made a Hands-free cookbook app under 54 hours that interacts with users without their dirty hands (During Cooking) touching the phone screen. We then went to London to compete on national scale and our invention became 2nd in the UK. Click HERE for the story.

Hands-Free Cookbook Team - University of Sheffield Students
Emma, Eliska (Law), Alireza (Mechanical), Sina (Computer Science)
Not Pictured : Atra(Architecture), Ingrid(Law), Michael  

  • I also have a published game on Windows 8 store which I made under 48 hours with a group of students when I participated in Microsoft Game Jam last summer.
What other activities do you do apart from your course?

What do you like to do when you are not working on your degree?
I like designing and this doesn't limit me to my degree. I'm currently working with softwares such as Adobe Illustrator, helping Connections team of Sheffield Volunteering with their logo and leaflets as a Volunteering Ambassador.

Apart from these, I'm studying Game Design on my free time and learning programming languages such as JavaScript and HTML5.
What are your plans for the future/dreams/goals?
After finishing my second year, I'm planning to take one year industrial placement by the help of University. As in the future, I'm seeking a career as a Design Engineer and in 5 years time after graduating becoming a project manager of one of the Engineering Companies in the UK.
Last Comments:
I'm certain that I did not choose the wrong university to study in. I love both the city and University and its community here and there are lots of activities to do during the year with 250 societies and the best Students Union. My department has also greatly supported me during my studies.

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