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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Representing the Sheffield Engineering Community in India

A large part of what IEA’s do is outreach; this summer I visited a school in Pune (India) to talk about the different Engineering degrees at the University of Sheffield and how I applied to Bioengineering. Due to the relatively low knowledge students had about the application process, I explained this further, explaining to them the importance of picking the right degree course suited to their aspirations.

 My talk included my experience so far as a Bioengineering student and about Sheffield in general (which included boasting about our new Diamond Building, of course!). Students were interested in the opportunities available to them after graduation so I gave them examples of recently graduated IEA’s and what they want to do next.

It was a really satisfying experience to answer the kind of questions I had before I applied to Sheffield and I feel the students enjoyed the information session as much as I did. Towards the end, I handed out our IEA postcards as a token of remembrance and this generated a lot of excitement! I also shared with the students our blog website if they wanted to follow our experiences further.


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