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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

UG Open Day

By Usman Khan

On 5th September, the university hosted its Open Day for prospective undergraduates interested in finding out more about The University of Sheffield. Being a Student Ambassador for the UK/EU Recruitment Team, I was working on the day at an Information Hub outside Sir Frederick Mappin Building. The purpose of an Information Hub is to guide prospective students and their parents in the right direction, whilst also talking about our personal experience at Sheffield and answer any queries they may have regarding the city or the university. Ambassadors present at the Hubs were also providing details of the buildings they were stood next to. Information Hubs were dotted across the campus at different locations to make it easy for people to get around the city and campus.

There were various ambassadors working on campus support, whilst some of them were put on traffic duty to ensure the smooth proceeding of the visitors on campus. Ambassadors were also placed on duty to work on providing accommodation tours of Endcliffe, Ranmoor and City Centre. For Endcliffe and Ranmoor, a shuttle was being run from campus to accommodations which were accompanied by student ambassadors. International Engineering Ambassadors were also working inside the Mappin Building to provide tours of the building and guide visitors around. 

I was working alongside another ambassador on the Information Hub, which turned out to be a really fun day. We had students coming around and asking us a lot of different questions which ranged from the average price of monthly expenses to the sort of laboratory facilities available to students from each course. Parents were also particularly enthusiastic, taking keen interest in the future of their childrens' university life. Together as a team we managed to change the opinion of a lot of students about Sheffield as well as guiding them around better than I had been guided about transitioning to university life. Hopefully, we managed to do a good job in getting those faces back to Sheffield next year!

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