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Thursday, 18 February 2016

IGEM 2016: Team Sheffield is recruiting!

Saylee is a second year Bioengineering student at the University of Sheffield. She is an IEA and also works for the International Office as a Student Ambassador. In this article, she talks about why you should apply to be a part of Team Sheffield in IGEM 2016 (International Genetically Engineered Machine). 

IGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machine and is an international synthetic biology competition where over 400 teams from Universities across the globe participate. Now, engineers, don't let the 'biology' put you off! This is a competition for engineers and biologists alike, as the challenge of the competition is to engineer a device that fits into one of the categories of the competition. 

Sheffield's 2014 Team came up with an 'under-sink' device that secreted enzymes to digest fats, oils, greases and hair that often clog up restaurant sink pipes and the home as well. Using lab space at the University of Sheffield and guidance from professors and PhD students, a team of biologists and engineers came together to build a device called 'FatBerglers'. 

This year, the competition is back in Sheffield and applications are due TOMORROW (19th February) at 6 pm. To apply, you can email All penultimate year students are invited to apply!

All teams from across the world will be invited to an IGEM Jamboree in Boston, USA. Team Sheffield will also participate in this and there is also possibility of this opportunity being paid! 

Find out more about IGEM Sheffield on its facebook page:

You can read more about Sheffield's Team from 2014 here:

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