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Monday, 1 February 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Akshit Sood

Name: Akshit Sood

Course: MEng Mechanical Engineering

Nationality: Indian

Can you tell us about you?
I was born and brought up in Delhi, India. I have lived all my life in Delhi before coming to Sheffield. I did my higher education from Ryan international school. I have always been interested in mathematics and represented my school at numerous mathematics Olympiads. My love for machines and design persuaded me to choose mechanical engineering.

Why did you choose University of Sheffield?
I chose University of Sheffield as it is one of the best places to study Mechanical Engineering and holds third position in the UK for mechanical engineering (according to the Guardian Guide 2015). The engineering department of the university is well reputed and known throughout the country for its excellence in education. Moreover, with companies like Boeing, Rolls Royce working closely with the engineering department, studying at the university enhances my future job prospects.

What is the most enjoyable thing studying your subject at the University of Sheffield?
The most exciting part of studying at the University of Sheffield is to see the application of different concepts learned in lectures into real life problems. Numerous labs and practical sessions ensure that we have the true knowledge of everything that is being taught to us. The new diamond building has provided us with top-level equipment which has given us the chance to familiarise and understand the use of the high tech equipment in the industry. 

What’s your opinion on Sheffield as a city?
My first impression of Sheffield was that it is a beautiful city with friendly people. My experience as an international student was such a mesmerizing one that I never felt that I was away from home. I was amazed to see the variety of people from different countries of different backgrounds, working together united in this city. From the nature’s gift of Peak district to the modern city center this city has lots to offer for an international student like me. 

I always had great interest in cricket and badminton and I love playing them in my free time. Since living in Sheffield has given me a new hobby of cooking, I love trying new recipes and new cuisines. Apart from these I enjoy volunteering for the local organizations in Sheffield. I am a member of fundraising group for the British heart foundation where I help in organizing various fundraising events throughout the year.

What are your plans for future/dreams/goals?

My aim for the next year is to get a placement year in the oil and gas sector. After graduation, I plan to work in the oil and gas industry to gain industrial exposure and commercial awareness. 

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