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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Marta Grzybek

Name: Marta Grzybek

Course: Aerospace Engineering with a Year in Industry

Nationality: Polish

Who am I..?

Hi everyone! My name is Marta and I come from a city in Poland called Bydgoszcz (believe me or not but it’s not a random combination of letters but the actual name!). This is where I was born and spent my whole life until August 2015 when my Sheffield journey has begun. I am a huge optimist and life enthusiast that always looks for new opportunities to be one step closer in making my dreams come true. I have always been a person looking beyond the mediocrity and that is why I decided to challenge myself and start a new chapter of my life called “Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield”.

Why University of Sheffield..?

That is a good question! So many countries over the world, so many different universities in United Kingdom but somehow I chose UoS. First of all, the engineering faculty here is one of the biggest in UK and it is a highly ranked university. Before applying I spent days browsing offers of numerous universities. As I did not have opportunity to come to England the internet was my only source of knowledge. Among of all, I found our university’s website very useful as it told me exactly what I wanted. What mostly got my interest in UoS was the structure of the course, the idea of spending a year in industry and engineering facilities that the university has in offer. When coming to Sheffield I didn’t know I would find there but honestly, the reality exceeded my expectations!

Why aerospace engineering..?

I’ve always been interested in science, especially physics, in particular I am inspired by the concepts of flying and defying gravity. I also enjoy practical approach to science and the idea of using it to make life easier. Taking it all together, aerospace engineering is a best choice for me as I can do something that I enjoy and at the same time I can make people’s lives better. I believe I will be able to do in my life what I really dream of which is investigating commercial aircraft crashes to reduce number of accidents and save innocent people by introducing new technologies and engineering solutions.

What is it like to study engineering at UoS..?

One word: AMAZING! As aerospace engineering is an interdisciplinary program, the structure of the course is created in such a way that we learn different branches of engineering simultaneously and the difficulty is adjusted gradually so we are able to follow everything. The most exciting part of my course is the fact that we spend a lot of time in laboratories conducting experiments so it is not only learning theoretical concepts but we have a chance to face practical problems or even construct devices such as Stirling engine or screwdriver! Moreover, we are working on many projects and the university’s aim is to increase our employability in the future.

And what about Sheffield itself..?

Literally, I love this city. I’ve never thought I would find a place, especially in a foreign country, where I would feel like at home (in first week already!). For me Sheffield is a perfect city as everything I need is located in the city centre where I can easily get on foot. Furthermore, the number of parks and green areas makes me feel very good.  Who in the morning on the way to their lectures wouldn't like to be welcomed by a squirrel passing by in the local park? Another important aspect of the “Steel City” is that it is very student friendly and if you don’t own a fortune, no worries! The costs of living here are among lowest in the UK.

To Sheffield, or not to Sheffield? That is the question. Some advice at the end!

To be honest choosing UoS to study is the best decision I have ever made. Yet a few months ago I didn’t expect my life to change that much and in such positive way! What I’d recommend to anyone is just take all your positive energy, enthusiasm and passion, choose the course you are interested in and be the engineer of your life! The University of Sheffield is a place that will certainly support you, and will give you amazing opportunities. You will also meet number of amazing friends from all over the world, you will have a chance to join any society or sport club that you want (I never thought I’d become a swing dancer before!) and make a step into your better future!

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