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Monday, 11 April 2016

Department of Computer Science @Sheffield

By Muhammad Shuja

This blog is to give you more information about the Department of Computer Science at Sheffield and the variety of courses it offers.

Sheffield’s Department of Computer Science, hosting about 140 undergraduate students every year was founded in 1982 and is a member of the Faculty of Engineering. It’s situated in the Regent Court building.

The Department offers a huge variety of courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students so that students can explore every opportunity possible. Though most of the courses might start of the same to lay the foundation for you, they do drift apart eventually. 

Most students tend to go with Computer Science, a fantastic course which mostly deals with addressing a variety of problems in the field alongside understanding the theoretical concepts to tackle them. You are educated to graduate as an analytical thinker with an insight into working as a team. 

Sheffield also offers more Computer Science courses with more emphasis on particular aspects of the field depending on your interests. You could choose Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science if you fancy working with robots or dream of building your own Baymax to fist bump you! Not sure about Baymax but Sheffield does have really cool robots you get to play with in some of the modules! You’re taught “biologically inspired algorithms” along with various specialization opportunities like robotics or speech recognition. 

The Department also offers Computer Science and Mathematics, where you get a chance to realize and appreciate the role of Mathematics in Computer Science and how the involvements of Mathematics have resulted in huge advances for Computer Science. This course is taught in collaboration with the School of Mathematics and Statistics. In summary, you get to experience the mathematical and theoretical side of the field with a taste of hands on engineering as well. 

Another course offered is Physics and Computer Science. As the name suggests, you study a combination of modules from both fields giving you a platform to showcase you skills in a multi-disciplinary and practical environment. This and CS and Mathematics are few of the dual honours offered at Sheffield. 

If you think you’re interested in Computer Science but have an edge in management, we’ve got ITMB (Information Technology Management for Business). This course is Sheffield’s fascinating blend of Computing with business and project management skills where you get a chance to work in a business to get real-life experience of dealing with clients and building business management software. Another similar course is Software Development for Business, which deals more with marketing and business strategy.

Last but not the least, we’ve got Software Engineering, where you learn concepts like software design and work collaboratively in teams through project management techniques to complete projects for clients to develop your team-working skills. In your 2nd year, you get to choose in specializing in 3D graphics, computer security, forensics and many others.

Of course, most of the courses come with an option of a placement year, foundation year and also MEng and MComp degrees. Hence, there’s literally no limit to the number of options you can explore, and this applies to all departments including Computer Science!

More details on the department webpage:

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