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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Adrien Gallet

Name: Adrien Gallet

Nationality: French/German

Department: Civil and Structural Engineering

Course: MEng Civil Engineering with a Year in Industry

Where’re you from?
Probably one of the most difficult questions to answer really, and it generally goes something like this. My mom is French, my father is German, though my great-grandparents came partially from Spain, France, Germany and what is today Poland. I was born in Paris, grew up in Munich, and lived five years in Shanghai. And now I'm in Sheffield! So, I guess I'm from Europe?

Why the University of Sheffield?
I could probably write an essay on this, but I will summarize it for you. To begin with, the university belongs to one of the top 100 in the world, has one of the highest student satisfaction records in the country, and boasts the best student union for eight years running in the UK. We've got the tallest university building as well (the Arts Tower with its paternosters), the university holds a Guinness Book record, we have an amazing campus that is constantly being improved upon and the 81-million pound Diamond. Speaking of which, the Diamond is a fantastic study and learning space altogether: it’s open 24/7, it is filled with silent study rooms and two separate libraries, it has world-class facilities ranging from 3D printers to flight simulators and a cable-stayed bridge. I should probably stop, but you get the idea: it’s an amazing university.

Why Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield?
This department is nothing short of excellence. We belong to one of the top 50 Civil and Structural Engineering department in the world (just think about that), we've got fantastic lecturers and tutorial leaders from all over the world (including England, Scotland, Australia, Holland, Germany, France, Iran, the list goes on). The last Research Excellence framework ranked us amongst the best five universities in the UK for civil and structural engineering in 2014, and there are millions of opportunities to engage with engineering at the university (Engineers without borders, Global Engineering Challenge week, Spaghetti Bridge competition, Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience). To top it all off, you also get your own personal tutor in the first year, which is great in case you ever have any kinds of questions.

What’s Sheffield like as a city?
I've been quite a bit around in the world, and I was fortunate enough to get to see a good number of cities. And I can tell you with confidence that Sheffield ranks amongst some of the best cities I got to live in, especially as a student. Sheffield is a great city to live in in terms of living costs, it has plenty of parks (Weston Park is about 78 seconds away from the student union for example), it’s safe, it’s clean, and people are all extremely nice. The only thing one could complain about is perhaps the weather, because it gets windy and rainy just like anywhere else in the UK! But at least that gives you the motivation to study inside =)

Hobbies Sports. Any really, but I play table tennis, touch rugby and fencing, and I love to hike in the Peak District. Also just joining societies is loads of fun; the investment, poetry and chess societies have so far caught my interest. And regardless of who you are, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will find a society (correction societies!) that will suit your interest.

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