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Sunday, 8 May 2016

University of Sheffield Facilities

The University of Sheffield boasts a wide array of facilities to cover the essential needs for any
student. Before coming to Sheffield, I was not aware of even half the things that are on offer
here. For this purpose, I believe that it’s essential that incoming students know what is on offer
here and understand how this city works its magic on any student, making it extremely
distressing to say goodbye upon graduation!

In my first two years, Sir Frederick Mappin building, which houses the Faculty of Engineering
used to be my abode. Most of the laboratories were conducted in Mappin. The building had a
computer room with hundreds of computers which used to be extremely full when nearing
exam time. It also has a café called Mappin Café where you can go and grab a hot cup of coffee
to suit your studying needs! However, in my third year, which was this year, the university has
invested in a new state of the art building, called the Diamond. The Diamond has multiple
lecture theaters where most of my lectures are now held. All the labs have now also shifted
from Mappin to the Diamond, with new state of the art technology. However, my final year
project involved testing wind turbine blades in a wind tunnel, and for this I used the wind
tunnel facility in Mappin. The Diamond operates a 24 hour library with studying facilities that
aid students in their educational experience.

In addition to the Diamond, there is also the Information Commons which is another 24 hour
library facility. This used to be the go-to point for all students wishing to study into the late
hours of the night; however, with the addition of the Diamond, students now have two options
for late night studying. There is also the Western Bank Library which is centered more towards
postgraduates; however, this is not a 24 hour library and closes down early.

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The university has an award winning Students’ Union which has club nights almost every day of
the week. These club nights are very popular amongst the students and always tend to sell out
quick – so you need to book in advance if you plan on attending! In addition to the multiple
societies and sports clubs that cater to every needs, the Students’ Union also has several places
on offer to relax and eat with your friends in between lectures if you wish. Bar One and Interval
provide a good chance to enjoy a meal, with Bar One boasting a nice little beer garden. If you
wish to go a bit beyond the regular prices, Inox Dine in the Students’ Union provides something
fancier. Not far from the Students’ Union is another university owned pub – the University
Arms. This is a nice place to go and relax, with regular Open Mic nights once a week.

The university therefore provides a wide array of facilities to cater to students coming from a
wide array of backgrounds. Coming to Sheffield has been one of the best choices of my life, and
I assure you that you will not regret it!

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