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Monday, 3 October 2016

Meet our Engineering Ambassador: Chimmakwa

Name: Chimmakwa Gaius-Assor
Course: BEng Chemical Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian

I am Chimmakwa Gaius-Assor, I am from Nigeria. I am currently in my second year studying Chemical Engineering.

I chose to study engineering because of the practical nature of the course and how easily it can be visualised. My love for Maths and Chemistry influenced my decision to study Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering is also a very flexible course and there are many career paths you can follow as a result of studying Chemical Engineering.
The University of Sheffield is a highly ranked university in Chemical Engineering and it has an amazing student’s union, this is evidenced by its ranking as the best in the UK for the past 5 years. There are lots of facilities, especially at the recently completed Diamond building, that are at students’ disposal and have been very useful for me. I like the various teaching methods available at the university, there are normal lectures which are sometimes recorded -to serve as additional guide and reference for the actual lectures- and also the newly introduced online videos.
At the University of Sheffield, there are so many opportunities to put theoretical knowledge into practice. As part of my course, there are lab sessions organised to provide further understanding of lectures. There are also the Global Engineering Challenge (in first year) and Engineering You’re Hired (in second year) where you work with students from other engineering disciplines to solve real life problems.

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because there is something for everyone. There are loads of things you can be involved in from societies to volunteering and jobs on campus. I was involved with the 2016 orientation week and it was an amazing experience for me, I met a lot of people and had an opportunity to be of help to many new students arriving in Sheffield.
One of the benefits of studying at the University of Sheffield is that they are constantly looking for ways to make living and learning better for students like; increasing the number of study spaces available to students (the Diamond) and the ongoing project to improve the public spaces with an overall aim to create a safe and high quality walking and cycling routes linking the campus.

After my degree, I would like to get a masters in cosmetic science and business management as I want to work in the cosmetic industry. I am highly interested in learning more about the application of chemistry in the creation of quality makeup and skincare products that are harm-free both to individuals and the environment. I hope to be able to explore that interest during the course of my career.

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