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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Urvi Rajdev

Who am I?
Engineering student by day, superhero by night. Finishing a month worth of coursework in one night is something only a superhero can do right? Anyway, as you’ve read, my name is Urvi and I’m a first year Bioengineering student. I am of Indian origin but was born and have lived in Nairobi, Kenya or as I like to call it, home.

Why Engineering and why Bioengineering?
I remember being 10 and replacing the iron fuse by removing a working one from my toy helicopter. I had a box of screwdrivers under my bed and didn’t miss a chance to unscrew any appliance in the house. A passion for machines was in me from a young age and only grew as I did, making engineering my chosen degree. I enjoyed biology thoroughly as a high school student and took it up at A levels too. Bioengineering is a course that allows me to pursue both my passions together and also gives me the satisfaction of studying something that will allow me to work for the betterment of society in the future.

Why UoS?
Bioengineering engineering is a relatively new course and is offered by less than 5 universities across the UK. Some universities that do offer it, offer it as a master’s program, where you study Mechanical engineering for the first two years of your degree. Sheffield was not only one of the best engineering universities in the country, it also had the best course structure for my degree, offering 3 years of modules specific to just Bioengineers. Sheffield as place to live I don’t think it gets better than having most of the university buildings a 15 minute walk away from the city centre. It’s almost become routine for me to explore a new part of the city after my 2 hour maths lectures on Fridays. Not a fan of the city hustle? That’s okay, because there’s more than just a few parks in Sheffield. The view of Weston park from Western Bank library almost makes it a delight studying on a Monday evening. Sheffield has got the best of both worlds. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a post about this city if I didn’t mention The Peak district National Park. With a half an hour bus ride you can find yourself surrounded with hills and scenery that look stolen from a calendar. What’s not to love about a city this great?

Hobbies and Interests
I love to read and write, J.K Rowling and Khaled Hosseini are amongst my favourite authors. I like cycling and swimming and continue to do both in Sheffield. If I had a better voice and wasn’t studying engineering, I’d be on The Voice. To sum up, I love everything about my course and how it’s taught at the University. Living away from home is really hard at times but the freedom and independence has made me grow as a person and makes the home sickness worth it. Sheffield is now a 2nd home and I’m happy to wake up here every morning.

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