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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Hui Choo Tan

Bits and pieces about the first semester I had been studying in Singapore before coming over to Sheffield for my BEng. To those who do not know where Singapore is, let me share some fun facts about her.
Singapore is a tiny little country beside Malaysia. It is a country and also a city. There is only one season, which is summer all year round, with lowest temperature of about 24 degrees Celsius.

Why did I choose the University of Sheffield?
University is about independent study although there are many hours of lectures, tutorial and laboratories. You will have to spend time doing revision to keep up with your work. It is all about time management so that you can play and study. UoS has many professors who are top in their engineering field, which is beneficial to the engineering students. Never be shy to consult them because they will be able to share their knowledge and experience.
What are the benefits of UoS?
What should you do before coming?
I did some research before choosing the universities and I found out UoS is known as one of the best engineering universities in UK. In addition, a friend of mine who is studying in London suggested UoS as it is known for aerospace. Apart from these, UoS is ranked the top 100 of the 2014-2015 Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings’ Engineering and Technology.

There are many places that you can seek help from, as well as to get involved. The best place to seek help is the Students’ Union. The Careers Service is one of them and it is a good place to apply for future summer internships and placements. The school has various societies such as Engineering without Borders and Simurq UAV which are related to engineering.

Do lots of research! Check out the various stuffs and documents that you will have to prepare, the events that UoS organised for the prospective students and a little research about Sheffield. Get yourselves involved in various events during the Orientation Week and Introduction Week to make new friends. Lastly, be mentally prepared that you will feel homesick as you are far away from home. But this will shape you to be a better person as you will pick up new skills and gain valuable experiences.

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