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Monday, 28 November 2016

Meet our International Ambassador: Shaw Tun Qi (Shawn)

Name: Shaw Tun Qi (Shawn)

BEng in Aerospace Engineering

Nationality: Malaysia

Who am I?

Helooo.. My name is Shaw(Most people call me Shawn). I describe myself as an ambitious, adventurous and passionate person who loves to take risks. I am from Malaysia but I spent most of my childhood in a small town in Brunei Darussalam. (I bet you never heard of this country before :P) I am the best person to talk to if you want to know about commercial aircraft and hiking. I am also really involved in volunteering and I had volunteered in a few countries. 

Why Aerospace?

It goes all the way back to when I was in primary 5, my dad bought me a Flight Simulation game. Since then, I’ve been learning on how to fly all types of aircraft and how aircraft work. I discovered and joined a group called ‘Aviation Enthusiast’ on Facebook and managed to get connected with people from all around the world who share the same passion. I got to learn a lot from different sides of the aviation industry such as the airline business and engineering.  My passion and knowledge on aerospace just keep on growing over the year. I would spend most of my time after school on Facebook chatting with people from all around the world about aircraft. (I think that’s part of the reason I am wearing glasses and addicted to Facebook) At one point, I even started a virtual airline and joined a virtual alliance with a couple of my pen pals. After I graduated from college, I know straight away that I wanted to do something related to aerospace and here I am. 

What is it like studying at the University Of Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield is one of the best universities in term of cultural diversity and facility. There are so many you can do over here. One of the things I loved about UOS is the number of societies you can join. UoS also takes really good care of the welfare of students. For engineering, UoS have a lot of facilities that can help us in our studies such as the flight simulator, 3D printer and the newly built Diamond building. There is also some amazing engineering related projects such as Simurq(aerospace: Human Powered aircraft and UAV) , Formula 1 students ,Railway challenge and EWB(Engineering Without Borders). 


Sheffield is an amazing place. It is one of the best cities I ever lived in. People here are really kind and nice. Sheffield is really green and there is a lot of park in the area. As a person who loves to hike, Sheffield is the best location to stay in as it is really near to the Peak District. There is also a lot of good coffee house and bar around. 

Tips And Advice?

The best tips I can give for all who planned to come to UoS is to stay in University Accommodation for the first year. The reason is because there is residence mentor around to help you in adapting to living independently and to assist you with any problem or issues. Try to make friends with current students in UoS through Facebook groups. When you are here, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and talk to anyone you meet and always don’t afraid to try something new. 

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