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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassador: Oludayo Asuni

Name: Oludayo Asuni
Course: Beng Chemical Engineering
Nationality: Nigerian
Hey Guys, my name is Oludayo Asuni. I am currently a 1st Year Chemical Engineering Student. I am a Nigerian and have spent the last 3 years in the UK completing my A levels.
Reading my UCAS personal statement made re-think about why I chose Chemical Engineering and there was a key point that stuck out to me. The key point is the application of basic scientific principles in solving real life problems. I remember being a sixth form student who questioned if the “chemistry, maths and physics” I was learning would have an impact on anyone’s life. But I have come to learn that “chemistry, maths and physics” are building blocks for fundamental engineering principles. Most people tend to associate Chemical Engineering with only Oil and Gas but it is very diverse. It has an array of sub sectors which include Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Food and Drink Production and more. This means you have various career paths as a chemical engineer.
I choose the University of Sheffield because of the spirit of the inclusiveness I felt when I came for the open day. I feel that you are never left out - there is always an activity for you to get involved with. If you have trouble finding what to get involved in, you can get advice from the Student Union. There are also various societies you can join. If you can’t find one that suits you, you can create one with a group of friends with a similar interest.
The University of Sheffield is a Russell Group University which is means it is well-equipped for students to learn and develop in a research-intensive environment. The new Diamond Building is a prime example of this kind of environment. This building was built to tend to the need of multi-disciplinary engineering education. It has various labs, lecture theatres and study spaces for both groups and individuals. Teaching Methods at UoS differ but most lecturers ensure that all course materials are uploaded to My Online Learning Environment (MOLE). This could be in form of slides or audio recordings. Most of theoretical work taught in lectures have practical sessions which I like very much. This is because it helps me understand the theoretical aspect better and develop my lab skills.
Finding your way through Sheffield is quite easy once you have Google Maps. It may seem like a small city but it has a lot to offer in terms of “UNI” experience.

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