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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador: Muhammad Aqil bin Zainudin

Name                    : Muhammad Aqil bin Zainudin

Course                  : Civil and Structural Engineering (MEng)

Nationality             : Malaysian

Who am I?

                Name, done. Nationality, done (you can guess where I am from, it’s Malaysia). If you are still reading seems that you are interested in me and you wanted to know more. Heads up, I am a 20 years old proud married man, yes you heard me right. I’m married to my lovely wife. So you can expect me to be very matured and visionary. ‘Strive forward and conquer all’ is always my motto but fret not, I am not a dictator nor a selfish person. Behind all that, I love to make friends, oh my, did I just use the word love. Not a typo my friend. Meeting new people, making acquaintances and forming relationships are the priorities in my life because I believe connection is one of the most important thing in the world to gain success. Furthermore, I am a hard-core coffee lover so if you want to be my friend, grab a coffee or else. Kidding. And last but not least, I am a sport freak. How freak? Let’s say I can name the sports I didn’t play. I would say sports make everyone healthy and fit, yes I can’t deny that fact but I treat sports as something more meaningful, a network building platform which comes back to my nature, friends making machine.

Why UK and University of Sheffield specifically?

                Other than being the land of beautiful culture and history, I am a Potter fan. Flying here has always been my dream since I was a kid. And Sheffield? I can say that the living cost here is cheap, in fact the cheapest in UK according to a student budget website, look it up. Not just that, for you who hates the crowded hectic city life, do come here. The lifestyle is very calm and relax, you could enjoy the city centre without being shoved or pushed. But that does not mean the city is any less, top branded shops are here. I could sum up Sheffield is an ideal city for a simple guy like me, not too much or not too less. And the best part is the Peak District, a wonderful breath-taking view of the nature and it is just half an hour drive. Stressed out studying? Take a break and chill there.

                Here comes the serious business, my learning institution, THE UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD. As proud as its name, it is. Providing the best learning environment for all students is like a promise here. You won’t be left out and if you are, you are something wrong. The system here is very efficient, you have the online learning environment(MOLE) where you can easily access anything about your university, course, email and any related services here. It’s a balanced learning environment where coursework is meant for your future and super beneficial and the lecturers are friendly, knowledgeable and career life-equipped (means you can ask for career advice and CV improvement, they are great at it).

Why Civil and Structural Engineering?

                Civil and Structural Engineering is not as what people depicted, boring and not challenging as other engineering branches. Do you see the city that you loved and enjoyed so much? The tall buildings that make your nation proud? Or even the water coming from your shower pipes? It will be my responsibility one day. You control the city development and where does the majority population lived in? Exactly, the city. Means you have the power to shape the society and not just that, the environment counts on you too. Companies need you, people need you, everyone needs you. I am in the first year and I am learning Autodesk Revit, Matlab and constructing bridges, I could tell you it’s superbly interesting and challenging in a good way. You are literally enhancing your life skill technically and socially. Moreover, you are expected to work in a group, not just between your course mate, but soon later in life, you will be working along architects, mechanical engineers, land tenure etc. I would say civil and structural engineering is an ideal course (just like me ;) ) where it will mould you into a holistic person in the future.

Some Piece of Advice?

                Do come to the University of Sheffield and enrol in any of your desired engineering subject. It will guide you automatically. Isn’t that so simple. I can guarantee it. Make your steps here and just follow the great tides of the learning experiences and you will be landed on a luxurious life island. Any hesitation contacts us, that is why we are called the Ambassador. Give us jobs, we love it.

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