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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Meet our International Ambassador: Karim Almahayni

Hey there, my name is Karim Almahayni and Im a first year Chemical Engineering student. Im originally Syrian, but I live in Germany, and this is my first year here in Sheffield. Youre probably asking yourself loads of questions, on what to study or where to study at, its normal to be worried, Ive been in this situation before and I understand how confusing taking such a life changing decision could be, thats why I thought Id give you a quick glance of what it is like to study at The University of Sheffield.

Why the University of Sheffield?
Well, other than being a part of Russell group and a world top 100 university, The University of Sheffield has one of the biggest engineering departments in the UK, that undergo world class research at one of the most high technological facilities in the UK, The Diamond. The University is well known for its investments in education and research. Sheffield University has large industrial partners such as Boeing, Siemens, and Rolls Royce.

Why Chemical Engineering?
Hmm I’ve been asked this question a lot lately well, I think Chemical Engineering is a part of every industrial process you might think of. Many misunderstand the concept of Chemical Engineering module and link it only to the oil industry, whereas the module is a main brick in the food, pharmaceuticals, and renewables industries. The module is based on applying engineering skills based on physical chemistry knowledge. On the other hand, Chemical engineers are the highest paid engineers. The University of Sheffield, offers a variety of Chemical engineering courses, some of which are specific (MEng, 4 year courses), and others of which are more generic (BEng, 3 year courses).The first 3 years are the same for both BEng and MEng, it’s just that the MEng courses have an extra year where you do research in a field that interests you. MEng courses can also include a year abroad or a year in industry.

Social life at Sheffield:
Worried about not integrating with a new culture? The University of Sheffield is the base of the best student union in the UK. Sheffield’s student union fosters more than 300 different societies, so whatever youre interested in, you’ll definitely find your group. The University of Sheffield is a place where everyone is welcomed and treated equally regardless their religious beliefs, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. Sheffield is also known for its international character, which makes its multicultural campus a great place to socialize with people from all around the world and learn more their traditions.

Although studying abroad may seem like a hard choice to take, but trust me its one of the best decisions youll ever make, its a boost to your knowledge and an investment in your future. The University of Sheffield provides the best social, and educational environment to help you develop yourself, and between an all-nighter at the Diamond and a late night social at the union youll definitely have the best of both worlds.

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