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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Meet Our International Ambassador - Michelle Nyama

Hey, my name is Michelle Nyamai from the land of long distance runners, that is, Kenya. I am in my first year studying Electronic Engineering.

Why Electronic Engineering you ask?
Well, simply put, I like to fiddle with things. And I have built quite a reputation for it. Back home, whenever one of my family members, my mother in particular, needs any help fixing and operating devices, I am always the first person she rings up. Even more than that, electronics are everywhere and it is a subject covered in other degrees as well. I wasn't too keen on narrowing down my options to study a specialized degree that involved the use of electronics. I preferred to take a degree that covered a wider field that would allow me options in the industry. Be it in aerospace, computer engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing… the list goes on and on. The most enjoyable part of the course so far has been programming. Most people would think programming is solely Computer Science territory. That’s one thing (among others) I love about our department. The material we learn is designed in such a way that the modules we cover keep us relevant within the volatile electronics industry.

Other than being one of the top institutions in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sheffield was and still is my university of choice because of its green space. I know, I know, a bit trivial to most but for me it's the sort of place I thrive in. And best of all, a trip to the Peak District is never out of reach. I'd personally recommend a mid morning hike to the Mam Tor. You can thank me later. I believe there needs to be a balance between study and leisure and that was an important consideration when it came to singling out universities. There are tons of parks around like Bolehill which in my opinion has the best view of Sheffield, Parkwood where you can cycle through the woods and even try out the bmx trail and not forgetting Hillsborough Park and Crookes Park which have beautiful ponds. These are just the few I have gone to. There are still a couple more on my bucket list.

Photo: Bolehill Park

When I first came to Sheffield, I didn't know what I was in for but to be fair no one is really ever sure when they make the huge leap to study abroad. What I will say is, if studying abroad is what you want, without anybody else’s influence of course, then you will settle in pretty well. I have, and you will too.

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