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Monday, 2 January 2017

Meet our International Engineering Ambassador – Aznie Othman

1. Background 
My name is Aznie Othman and I am from Malaysia which is in Southeast Asia. Currently, I am studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and am in my second year. I am in the middle of a circuits and machines module.  I have also joined the university’s football and futsal societies. Besides that, I love singing and cultural dancing and was able to perform at an International Cultural Evening organized by 
the International Students’ Committie. I have been a member of the International Engineering Ambassador (IEA) scheme since my first year which has provided me with many wonderful experiences across the university.

2. Why engineering?
I have really enjoyed studying Physics since high school, playing around with electrical machinery really excites me and I am eager to discover how these incredible things work. I was inspired by my brother who
is an electrical and electronic engineer and I always found his work fascinating. I am planning to work with him and expand his small company so it becomes more successful. Moreover, electrical and electronic has been a demand in this highly technological world where the internet is everything.

3. Why UoS?
Apart from being voted the best Student Union in the UK, the UoS is most highly ranked for my course. In addition to this, the style of teaching really suits my needs. The Diamond building was established in 2015 and the facilities and equipment are first class . When I started in my first year, I was one of the first students to be able to operate the amazing machinery and use all the facilities. I was attracted to the UoS after reading many excellent reviews by more senior students.

4. Teaching and study methods
Throughout the course students are helped by module tutors and lab demonstrators and there are also many very approachable lecturers. In addition to this, if you require more help with your course there are teaching aid centres where you can just walk in and ask for assistance. Every first and second year student is supervised by a personal tutor who will help with any problems. Currently, in my second year, I am working on an industrial project with ARUP where I am able to apply the theory I have learnt on my course.

5.  The City of Sheffield

Sheffield has one of the most beautiful green cities which is and surrounded by spectacular countrysideThe City Centre is perfect for students and has everything you might need within easy reach. Sheffield is also rated as one of the safest city in UK so going out at night has never been a problem. Living costs are pretty reasonable  compared to big cities like London and Manchester. Nevertheless, the best thing about 
Sheffield is the friendliness of the people, which includes the locals and internationals.

6. The Benefits of UoS
The UoS offers a wide range of courses especially in engineering, with all students having access to the latest cutting edge facilities. In addition to studying here​​ students can enhance their experience by choosing to join 
huge range of societies and sports to choose from. The UoS promotes a healthy international spirit among
the students, therefore as an international student, I have always felt welcomed to engage in all activities across the University.

7. After my degree

I am planning to work with my brother but also maintain an interest in research and development  particularly within the electronics sector. I hope to work on business proposals and projects with other large companies to broaden my network. I may also do some part time lecturing or tutoring in Universities or colleges as I have a strong passion for educating others.

8. Advice
Make sure you research the course that you are interested in and select the one that you believe you will enjoy 

the most. Find the most suitable accommodation, mentors and societies so you can make the most of your student life in University of Sheffield.       


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