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Monday, 16 January 2017

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassador - Kushil Gudka

Hey peeps, my name is Kushil Gudka and I come from the Heart of Africa, the beautiful wilderness Kenya. With stunning views from the coast of Mombasa at sea level to the bird’s eye view from Mt. Kenya, five thousand metres into the sky, and if you are lucky you may get to see the Great wildebeest migration in the Mara. Trust me when I say, “She has it all!”   I believe what I am is not important but what I want to be is important; as it is this that will decide the path we take. Also, it is said that you should stay in the company of those with the same goals. My goals and ambitions are difficult to put on paper but I can definitely share them over a cup of tea or coffee. So how did I get to Sheffield? I don’t mean it literally!  Anyway, Sheffield is a medium sized city surrounded by a lot of greenery and at the heart of the peak district national park, its beauty is second to none! The university is amazing; the engineering department especially is world-renowned. The university provides some of the most high-tech facilities I have seen and you will definitely get a chance to use each and every one of them. The university has a very rich history as well and it has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners. Also, the people in Sheffield are really helpful and are more than willing to guide new students around the city. Trust me, this will really help you in the first few days here. While in Sheffield you can indulge in numerous activities with your friends and colleagues. You can join a few of the diverse societies the university has or you can enroll at sport Sheffield and start your fitness campaign or you could go hiking to the peaks or maybe even try some outdoor activities like skiing and paintballing. There is something for everyone its just a matter of finding it. If you still want to know how I literally got to Sheffield – I flew to Manchester and took a train to Sheffield.

I was very confused initially, when deciding which engineering to do. They all fascinated me. I narrowed it down to either mechanical or electrical. As you may notice I ended up with electrical. I decided electrical and electronic engineering as it is very important in the modern world with better technology being built and used everyday and the fact that I enjoyed playing around with circuits. How a circuit can be manipulated to behave in a certain manner always fascinates me.

My advice is simple – when you study at Sheffield or a similar university you are bound to see people from different countries and cultures. Take this as an opportunity to interact with them and learn about the different cultures and countries because even engineering in the different countries can be different! Speak to different people and learn from them. Understand them for what they are. After observing and understanding, accept them for what they are. Trust me, it will take you a long way. Finally, the only thing that will hinder your success at the university is yourself! How? If you don’t manage your time well, then you may end up having an unbalanced social and academic life. Know the balance and work with that.

That's all from me. See you and enjoy your time at university. ''It'll be the best and hardest time of your life''. Just make the wise decisions.

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