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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassador - Uddhav Agarwal

Course: BSC Computer Science
Nationality: Indian

Hey all! My name is Uddhav and I am a first year Computer Science student. I am from India. Me
and my family often changed cities, so I am a little bit from everywhere in India. I will keep
this short and hopefully interesting for you.
Choosing the right university is a big decision and can be a daunting task, especially if you are
an international student (I know! I’ve been there). I’ll answer the main two questions, that
personally made me choose Sheffield. Here goes:

Why Sheffield?
I believe being a university student, one of the first lessons you learn is living on a
budget and the best thing about Sheffield is that it is very forgiving on your wallet.
Whatever you like- food, drinking, nightclubs, plays. Everything is very cheap, as
opposed to other bigger cities i.e. London or Manchester.
If you’re more of a nature fanatic, just like Rome, Sheffield is said to be built on
seven hills and is a very green and beautiful city in and around.
If you’re a sports fan, Sheffield is perfect for you. It has two football teams (Sheffield
United and Sheffield Wednesday), one national ice hockey team (Sheffield Steelers).
Also, Sheffield also hosts the World Snooker Championship every year.

Why Computer Science at University of Sheffield?
Be it computer science or any other subject, being a Russell Group university grants
you access to published papers and several resources from other Russell Group
In addition to that the University of Sheffield has great services and resources of its
own. From personal experience in Computer Science, we are currently programming
these robots called NAO which costs £7000 each, so you know your fees is being well
spent. There is a whole building dedicated to the engineering department with state
of the art equipment that you only find in very few top-tier universities.
I hope this helps your decision. But trust me this information is merely a taste of what
Sheffield has to offer. Please feel free to contact me anyway you want. Just add me on
Facebook if that’s more convenient (this is not a scam to get me more friends on Facebook)

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