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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassador - Haiqi Huang (Lillith)

Course: Material Science and Chemical Engineering (BEng)
Nationality: Chinese
My name is Haiqi Huang, you can also just call me Lillith for an easier pronunciation. I am from the South West of China which is famous for Pandas and Hotpot. I’ve been here for a couple of years. After graduating from my High School in my hometown, I came to study here in Sheffield.
You may be wondering, what it’s like to study here and what the routines are like?
What is it like studying in the University of Sheffield?
-Teaching activities: lectures, seminars, tutorials
We often have three types of classes: lectures, seminars and tutorials. You may get some general and basic ideas about your subject in the lectures and get further developments or discussions during the seminar. Tutorials help you understand the content.  Experiments, or laboratory activities are also essential for our engineering students. The content of the lab is determined by the subject you are studying.
-Assessments: exams, essays, online tests
To estimate our study skills, there are various assessments such as formal exams, essays, reports and online tests that students are required to complete. They may carry a different weight in the entire grade. Despite the grades being beneficial to your future career, as you work on your assessments, you gain a lot of skills and experience.
- Group cooperation: normal group projects, presentations, Global Engineering Challenging Week
Group cooperation is regarded as one of the most practical things you learn at the University. You will encounter this kind of opportunity with some assessments like poster presentations, lab practicals, or certain group projects such as the “Global Engineering Challenge Week”. During these weeks you get the chance to explore various roles in groups and gain wonderful academic and social skills!
About Material Science and Engineering
-What is it?
Materials Science and Engineering is a subject that mainly focuses on discovering or designing new materials (mainly solid materials) and is based on analytical thinking including subjects like physics, chemistry and mathematics. It contains a wide range of science fields depending on different research areas. For instance, you could find that nanomaterials (one of the most popular topics), is based more on quantum mechanics to describe the behaviour especially in a nanoscale.
-Why I chose to study this subject
I chose to study this subject based on the grades I attained in High School. I was aware that I did really well in science subjects. I particularly enjoyed doing chemistry and physics. Furthermore, I prefered to develop more ‘practical’ skills at University. Materials Science fulfills my ideal career preferences.
- Other engineering courses
Apart from Materials Science, there are many engineering courses to choose from. If you are enthusiastic about science subjects but would like to learn more about artificial operations, have a look at the specific course information on the departmental website. You will find  detailed descriptions about the various courses, including all the subjects you will learn in each semester and the grades you need to apply for each course.
How is daily life here in Sheffield?
There is no need to panic about having a stressful life here. It won’t be like that! You may have more free time than you think outside lectures. Essentially, you should dictate the pace of your life. Arrange things you need to accomplish scientifically and balance the time you would like to chill or to study.
Besides studying, you may also take part in a variety of social activities. The University provides welcome events during orientation week and also some special festivities. You can join the societies you are interested in at the beginning of the semester. They will host more meetings or parties during the semester and in vacation time. Also, you may find some interesting groups you can join in the Students Union (like me, I joined the IEA’s). This will give you fantastic experience during your University life.
Some tips for managing your routines better
-Meet more people
This helps you to get familiar to the new environment sooner. You can also make a lot of new friends!
-Manage your schedule
After you get used to your new surroundings, you may want to improve the quality of your life and study as much as possible. A scientific approach to time management is very helpful. Moreover, being punctual is essential here. You are not expected to be late for any appointments or deadlines, this could result in your work being marked zero!!!
Thank you for your reading this, hopefully my blog can help some of you out there!

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