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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Meet Our International Engineering Ambassador - Shail Shah

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Who am I?
I’m Shail Shah, a Kenyan national pursuing Chemical Engineering here at Sheffield. If I pondered any further over who I am, I may end up having an existential crisis, so I’ll have to leave it at that.
Why Sheffield?
As you may or may not have noticed after glancing across the numerous profiles on this webpage, Sheffield seems to be a popular destination amongst people from Kenya. And rightly so! When I was choosing my next education port of call, I initially set my sights on the most ‘highly ranked’ universities in both the UK and the US, even receiving offers from most of them. However, after understanding my options better, Sheffield appeared to be the best option.
You see, most universities invest their resources on what they deem to be more beneficial to their rankings, for example, by spending millions of pounds on post-doctoral research that has little effect on the Undergraduate student experience. Indeed, most of the upper-tier universities offer a strikingly similar, high quality education. What sets Sheffield apart, is the level of support you are likely to receive here. Want to start a new society? You’re funded. Thinking of doing some research with a lecturer over the holidays? You can, and you’d get an upkeep grant as well.
Sheffield is not only about your life around books, we’ve been voted Number 1 for Student experience for a couple of years now.  From being a bus ride away from the Peak district – something that would undoubtedly appeal to the more adventurous readers – to having the best Student’s union Club in the country, Sheffield has it all. I could go on and on, but then I might end up sounding like an advertisement. But this is merely a reflection of how I feel about studying in the Greenest, and safest, city in the UK.
And for those of you who are still into rankings, Sheffield is a Russell group university, and a world top 100 university. So, you can still feel the pride oozing through your parents when they tell someone where you are studying.
Hope to see you soon over here, Sheffield beckons!

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