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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Places To Eat At In Sheffield

By Oluchi Emenike 
Do you plan on having an event in Sheffield – a birthday, reunion, graduation party, get together, a date, just want to destress and all or you basically just want to eat out in Sheffield? Well, here is the article for you!
First of all, as a student in Sheffield, in fact as a student in the UK, you need UNiDAYS; click on the link to join for amazing student discounts This is important for every student especially when you are on a budget; why be a student if you can’t enjoy the perks of being one?? You could also get coupons and the likes from wowcher or groupon (for other activities including paintballing and spa days etc.) Then you can also sign up to restaurants because most of them send offers to their customers particularly on your birthday.

As an organized person, I would always tell you to plan ahead – this includes booking a table and planning to be there on time specifically during the festive seasons.
So now on places to eat at in Sheffield,  I’ll start with my favourite - the Italian restaurants – well I’ve only been to 3 of them a total of 12 times (don’t judge me please). There’s Piccolino – the fanciest one, request to seat on the terrace if you happen to go there on a date; then Zizzi, they have the loveliest garlic bread I have ever had and there is Ask Italian which is always quiet when I am there even though there are other people dining there.
Then there are the Asian restaurants – a lot of them around; you will definitely have to eat at Cosmo at least once during your stay as a student at Sheffield – it is a buffet. Ubuffet is another one – I do not really like this one but then it is different strokes for different folks. There is also Baan Thai, Thai Thai Ka, Hui Wei, Wagamama and WasabiSabi; they all have lovely food and these are just the ones I have tried so explore and well, google is your friend.
Sheffield also has some Latin American restaurants; we have Las Iguanas, Revolucion de Cuba which also serves great cocktails and on Thursday evenings there’s a lot of salsa going on, and Chiquito (this is the one I am visiting next). Tropeiro is another wonderful restaurant where you get to try different types of meat until you are tired but unfortunately the one in Sheffield has been closed for a while and I have no idea if they plan on reopening anytime soon.
TGI Fridays is amazing, you should have their stack of ribs with Jack Daniel’s sauce and SMOKE barbecue is another amazing place to eat at. Lucky Fox is perfect for when you feel like having pancakes and the likes. In all these, let us not forget Nando’s with their extra hot wings.

You can also try Yates’s, Wetherspoon, Browns, Handmade burger, Harvester, Five Guys and many more. Just know that Sheffield has a variety of restaurants so there will always be some place to try. However, I have not come across African restaurants in Sheffield, so if you really want to try some Nigerian goodness like the real Jollof rice, small chops etc. send me an email!

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  1. Update: You can get very nice Nigerian food from Zazi's cookhouse that just opened and it is amazing!!