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Monday, 15 May 2017

Meet our IEA Alumni - Tazri Khan

Hi! This is Tazri, and I am a former IEA. I graduated with a BEng Chemical Engineering from Sheffield in 2014. I was initially on MEng Chemical Engineering, due to my interest in process engineering in industry. While doing a group report on the lifecycle of a pair of jeans during my third year, I became aware of the consequences of fast fashion on climate change and I realised I enjoyed studying environmental engineering more. I realised I wanted more specialisation for a masters degree and switched to studying MSc Environmental and Energy Engineering at Sheffield.

During my MSc degree, I particularly enjoyed areas related to renewable energy. My continued interest in the industry also led me to study modules related to industrial safety. Outside academic life, I was able to pursue my interest in environment and sustainability through Engineers Without Borders at Sheffield. I wish I could go back to 2013 and re-do the group project on the lifecycle of a pair of jeans – I feel I have learned so much more since then!

After my MSc graduation, I moved back to my hometown, Dhaka, Bangladesh for a few months, and then moved to Sydney, Australia. I will confess that even though I had been living away from home for a while, I found my move to Sydney far more daunting than studying abroad in the UK. I went to Sheffield knowing I would continue to study and eventually find a social circle. At Sydney, it was transitioning into a new lifestyle altogether – not to mention getting used to Christmas in peak summer. I am currently working at National Australia Bank, and consider myself lucky to be part of an amazing team and work environment that motivates you to achieve your best. I plan to stay at NAB for a while as I am still adjusting to corporate life in Australia, and I wish to be able to take some time to make a definitive decision on where I should go next.

For Sheffield, the thing I miss most is the late night kebab takeaway (a practice I had perfected in Dhaka), usually when returning home from the IC.  I really wish I could have told you it was something more exciting, but I suppose Sheffield truly lived up to its reputation of being home away from home!

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