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Our Graduates: Ali Parendeh

Sheffield graduates achieve amazing things across the globe, using their degrees to make a positive impact on society and change the world for the better.

Ali Parendeh graduated in 2015 with his MEng in Mechanical Engineering. Discover how studying at the University of Sheffield led to Ali's exciting career as a Systems Engineering Consultant.

The Diamond - a new jewel in the University's crown

The Diamond, University of Sheffield's biggest ever investment in teaching and learning, is a creative new building with state-of-the-art facilities - and it's now open for teaching

More details about The Diamond and the homepage can be found by clicking here

The IEA Team

If you see someone wearing a blue t-shirt around the campus, it's probably one of us!

IEA Celebration 2015

IEA Celebration 2015

School Visits

Our IEA team consists of students from all over the world and we take it as a part of our duty to go back to as many schools as we can in our local regions in order to talk to students in their final year of schooling and help them out with the toughest decision of their life - what to do after school. Here are a few photographs taken while our IEA's were at it during their school visits.

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